by Billy Roper

A standing Senator, Fauxcohantas, having to be censured from speaking during one nominee’s proceedings due to her remarks against another Senator (Sessions); and another cabinet member (De Vos) having to be squeaked by through an unprecedented tie-breaking vote by the Vice President, does not portend well for the new administration. Two female Republican Senators voted with their colleagues from across the aisle, to make that necessary.

President Trump’s current Supreme Court nominee to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia, Neil Gorsuch, is an establishment elitist, but the controlled media fake news mill still went after him viciously from the gate, making up a patently untrue story about Gorsuch starting a ‘Fascism Forever’ club in school. They did this not because they oppose him and his views per se, because even though he’s not as conservative as Scalia was, he is technically just filling that vacant seat. His entry to the nine chairs won’t really shift the original balance of power, with four hard-core leftists still at the highest bench. But next year when Justice Kennedy retires there will be a real battle, because if Trump nominates a conservative, or even a moderate, then a whole list of issues may be potentially revisited and liberal rulings overturned, from gun control and affirmative action to hate speech and hate crime laws, gay marriage, and abortion, not to mention immigration. And in order to avoid having the alternate media of the internet and the loyal opposition claim that thy are targeting that nominee unfairly, probably Thomas Hardiman, the Democrats led by (((Schumer))) are setting the precedent now for already using the nuclear option. Hardiman, by the way, is way left of center on immigration issues, so keep an eye on him for that.

Fun Fact: If approved, Gorsuch would be the only White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male on the Supreme Court. There currently are NONE representing the demographic which founded this nation.

That’s all assuming,of course, that there even IS a next year, for Trump. The resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn after a month in his high-ranking position smells like blood in the water for the enemies of the new administration. Liberal Republican Senators like “Hanoi John” McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Ben Sasse, and Jeff Flake are already nibbling at the edges, making anti-administration media statements and looking for cracks to take advantage of. It’s not as if Flynn, as National Security Advisor, promised to have sanctions lifted, or could have reasonably promised to try to have sanctions lifted. As we saw with Trump’s Indian with a dot United Nations ambassador pick’s first day at the home of the blue berets, the White House is actually, all rhetoric aside, taking a hard line against Russia when it comes to the Ukraine, so nobody seriously thinks that the President even wants to unilaterally lift the sanctions. That’s not how you do business, by giving away a bargaining chip for free. Now, Trump MIGHT remove or lessen the sanctions in exchange for, say, Russia getting the U.S. a seat at the negotiating table currently deciding how to divide up Syria, where they and Iran and Turkey have out the knives, already, and our absence is an international embarrassment inherited from Obama. But neither he nor Flynn would say that over a Russian ambassador’s telephone line monitored by the intelligence agencies of a half dozen or more different countries. They’d have to earn it, first. That’s how you do business.

No, the issue with Flynn is that his discussion of the sanctions, while minor, was denied, which was a larger issue, and repeated by Pence, which is the biggest deal about the otherwise minor scandal. That shows that President Trump isn’t the only person in those meetings with a sensitive ego, then, because you can bet that it was Pence who called for Flynn’s resignation, for making the V.P.look bad. Requiring Flynn’s head on a platter was a short-sighted, fragile prestige act to cover a moment of chagrin that should have been ridden out like all of the other short-news-cycle dramas, which have been buried one after another by the next day’s controlled media hissy fit. What it shows, is vulnerability. The tough nomination fights and the early resignation encourage more left-wing establishment Republicans to jump ship and oppose Trump. That matters now, it will matter more when his administration sponsors bills with a narrow margin for victory, and will matter the most when, not if, the Democrats bring impeachment proceedings forward, a few months down the road. Enough GOP lawmakers may switch teams to make the difference in those votes, if there are more scandals and signs of weakness like this.

Can the controlled media and liberals in D.C. take down a sitting President? I don’t know, ask Checkers.

If Donald Trump was impeached by Democrats and enough left-wing and moderate Republicans, how would a President Pence govern?

It may be that, even though Flynn gave Pence “incomplete” information about whether his phone call with the Russian ambassador discussed sanctions against Russia, and Pence then repeated that assertion, they might not go after the Vice President. After all, he’s more of an establishment insider and would play the beltway game. Such a deeply wounded administration would be weakened, and might have to go along with D.C. politics. It would be a one term, lame duck administration all the way until 2020, when ongoing demographic shifts in favor of the nonWhite population would practically guarantee a Democratic victory. But what would the result be of a Trump impeachment and removal from office, outside of Washington?

Millions of Whites, the core of Trump’s support, would cry foul at minimum, and probably some would do more. Imagine if the people who actually don’t hate guns started rioting? Imagine all the people…you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.