by Billy Roper

Fueled by calls for secession and balkanization from both the right and the left, the idea that the United States of America is headed for a breakup is becoming more normalized and mainstreamed. Working from both ends towards the middle, many people are growing to accept the inevitability of a streamlined America.

Yesterday, singer Charlie Daniels stated publicly that it’s only a matter of time before there’s blood in the streets.  In discussing the likelihood of another civil war, he wrote “…should these conditions continue, someday soon the violent elements of both persuasions will find themselves on the same streets, and what will ensue will not be pretty.”

He and I are not alone. In fact, the people who have the most guns are growing convinced that soon they’re going to have to use them.  A new blog post on “The Truth About Guns” asks rhetorically whether the left’s civil war will turn deadly.

“America has fallen into civil war. A conflict pitting radical malcontents (people who seek to fundamentally transform America into a socialist utopia) against law-abiding conservatives (people who respect the Constitution and the rule of law). Rest assured, the left’s fanciful plans for a socialist utopia has no room for gun rights or other personal freedoms.”

On the Sig Forum, discussions of whether a civil war is now unavoidable abound, as do debates over whether the left will achieve their goals of revolution, and how the rest of us will respond. Many of the posters there, as well, sound like they have been radicalized towards the right as America polarizes.

“While I have no joy in the thought of a great calamity resulting in tremendous loss of life and the accompanying pain, suffering and anguish it would bring. Such an event, would debride the body of dead and useless layers that inhibit growth and viability.

Sometimes the world needs an “epic event”.

It is one thing to see that need far into the future and another to see the need is overdue.”

An interesting expression of anti-federal government and anti-immigration feeling reaches its confluence in an alumni forum for Louisiana State University, under a discussion thread entitled “Should Immigrant enforcement be given to the states?”. In the comments which follow, you can SEE the red pills being choked down.

“Holy shite. You realize this would, long term, ensure Balkanization of this country?”

“Balkanization is already happening to this country. This would just ensure that the states that want open borders are the ones who get to deal with the consequences. If there is a terrorist attack, it’ll happen in one of the open border states and they can only blame themselves for their lax immigration policy.”

“And you want to speed it up?”

Yes. Yes, we do.

Here’s a great video about how the destabilizing protests by the left very well could push us into political chaos and open conflict.