Currently, I am requesting a volunteer or volunteers who can help write to White prisoners who have been thoroughly vetted as not having committed any sexual crimes or crimes against women or children. Here is the list who are currently waiting to hear from us. If you can spare a stamp, a postcard or envelope and sheet of paper, and a few minutes, you can really help make a difference and encourage one of our brothers behind the wire. Thank you in advance for your help.


Timothy Meskimen #248536

KSP 5-3a-5

266 Water Street

Eddyville, KY. 42038


Greg Bailey #1433783


P.O. Box 860

Oakwood, VA. 24631


John C. Horner C07188

Liberty C.I.

11064 N.W. Dempsey Barron Road

Bristol, FL. 32321


Justin Tucker #714-703

Man. C.I.

P.O. Box 788

Mansfield, OH. 44901


Zachary Barfield #A607-507


P.O. Box 45699

Lucasville, OH. 45699


William Cramer #JD7940


10745 Route 18

Albion, PA. 16475-0002


If you prefer not to write to a prisoner, but would like to help provide for the stamps, envelopes, and stationary for us to correspond with them, you can send your donations to:


Billy Roper

P.O. Box 1937

Mountain View, AR. 72560