by Billy Roper

I don’t oppose the Butler Plan, or the NorthWest Imperative as it’s more recently called, out of any disrespect for Harold Covington or Pastor Richard Butler. The former I am cordial, even friendly, with, and respect; the latter I was a personal friend of for the last two years of his life, as we traveled and gave speeches and led demonstrations all over the country together. One helped me to understand the inevitability of America’s balkanization, and the other helped me find my way back to faith as a Christian Identist. Both deserve the admiration and honor of every White patriot, whether one agrees with them, or not.

I don’t oppose the ‘Stand and Fight’ credo of Southern Nationalists out of any disrespect for the League of the South or any of a dozen local and regional Klan organizations who believe that the Confederacy can be revived. I, my father, and both of my grandfathers were Klansmen. I was born and raised in the South, as was my family on both sides going back to a couple of generations prior to the War for Southern Independence. Many of my ancestors fought, and some died, for that noble lost cause.

My belief that New America will lie between the Appalachians and the Rockies, and from the Ozarks to the plains of Canada is based on simple demographics. I’ve spent years diligently analyzing census reports, internal racial immigration patterns, and birthrates. I’ve compiled and published them, too.

The results are clear. When America goes down, the Pacific Northwest, full of extremely liberal, left-wing Whites, will be facing a Chinese lake. If Whites want to make a stand there, they should learn to speak Mandarin.

Likewise, the Mississippi Valley and Black Belt stretching across the five states of the deep south will make it into what they are already calling ‘New Africa’. Any late-coming Civil War reenactors there who want to whistle ‘Dixie’ had better make it the short version.

In this new article Southern Nationalist Hunter Wallace, a.k.a. Brad Griffin of the League of the South, a man certainly worthy of respect and admiration for his principled stand for our people, agonizes in a convoluted effort to define who a Southerner is, culturally and ethnically and geographically, so as to not draw too fine a line and limit his pool of potential supporters.

I suggest something even more noble than fighting for a lost cause, or taking a martyr’s stand on the green graves of your sires, or around your local Confederate memorial monument.

New America: Your ancestors crossed oceans, mountains, and wildernesses to give their descendants, you, a better life. Won’t you give your progeny the same shot?