In this blogpost on The Burning Platform, Fred Reed writes correctly that America has become two nations. Well, at least two, Fred. But, rather than believe that internal secession is the road to ruin, as you do, I think it’s the only pathway to true freedom and self-determination. That’s because, unlike you, I don’t see the coming balkanization as strictly a political division of red vs. blue, but as an ethnic fragmentation of White, black, brown, yellow, and all the tans in between.

That being said, the author does make some very salient points to reinforce to normies, i.e., moderates and conservatives, the reality that America’s differences are irreconcilable, and divorce is the inevitable and preferred outcome.

Fred ends his longish diatribe about how deeply divided and polarized the country is by asked, “Where does this lead?”. I hope that’s a rhetorical question cleverly designed to get non-red-pilled folks to come to their own inescapable conclusions. If not, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.