Here are some very cogent tips on how to get your prospects involved, based on basic human psychology.

The ShieldWall Network

Finding potential ShieldWall members is one thing. Getting them motivated to actually show up for a meeting and get involved, is another issue entirely. Harold Covington just sent me these tips on how to radicalize and recruit local prospects for The ShieldWall Network:

“One of the main symptoms of this society’s disease is the proliferation of weak, arrogant, incompetent and silly people in positions of petty power over people’s lives–bureaucrats, supervisors, teachers, thugs from the badly misnamed Child Protective Services agencies, attorneys, judges, “administrators” of various kinds, the 101 little commissars of Political Correctness that White males and, increasingly, White females as well have to put up with in their day-to-day existence.

        Most White people probably don’t bear any kind of personal grudge against, say, President Bush or Dick Cheney or Jesse Jackson, just a generalized and impersonal resentment. These are celebrity figures, far above their personal orbits…

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