Religious differences aside, why can’t we coexist? A very good question.

Mrs. Roper


“I find it very disheartening that with everything going on around us and Our Great White Race being destroyed that there are still people out there wanting to attack me for being a Christian it really makes me wonder if they are that insecure with their own beliefs or if there is a dark underlining agenda to keep strife within our own communities.” a quote from a sister (Millisa S.)

What she is saying is something that I also find disheartening. I wrote about this topic here:

Probably I could write about it every day since it’s one of the biggest problems in this movement. I also saw a post yesterday by Harold Covington who said “That’s the main difference between Islam and us. They are willing to fight for their vision of the future. We’re not” I completely agree with his statement.

It seems to me that regardless…

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