At a press conference last night, Donald Trump referred to an incident involving Muslims in Sweden as another example of why letting in unlimited numbers of unvetted third-world refugees is not a good thing.

Left wing keystrokers immediately made #swedenincident a trending hashtag on Twitter. Some of them lampooned the President like they were auditioning for Saturday Night Live. Others tried to copy and paste memes saying he was lying in order to spread hatred, blah blah whine whine piss moan. Poor snowflakes.

I hadn’t had my first cup of coffee yet, but I started hitting them with comparative rape statistics showing how Sweden has become the rape capitol of Europe, thanks to the Muslim cultural view of women. They’d complain about my sources, and I’d respond that since the Jewish controlled left-wing media didn’t report these crime waves, that was another example of how they were biased fake news. Then I’d hit them with four or five more stories with different sources, all under the #swedenincident hashtag. Yeah, that’s how I wake up in the morning.

Some of my interactions with anti-White liberals which followed consisted of me pointing out that the Women’s March in Saudi Arabia hadn’t gotten much media coverage, either. In fact, I said, their hatred for Trump was overpowering their compassion for women. They must be in favor of misogynistic Sharia law. Then I’d hit them with another dozen links, one at a time, to different articles about a Muslim gang rape or refugee molestation or how sexual crimes have risen sharply in Malmo. This isn’t rocket science, fam. Just google “Muslim rapes Sweden”. Then, share the love.

Oh, also check out “Last Night In Sweden”, that’s trending, too. Lather, rinse, repeat.