Isn’t it funny standing where we are, completely red-pilled, to look back over our learning curve and remember how we got here? I was a Republican before I was a conservative before I was a libertarian before I was a Darwinian Nietzschean Anarchist before I was a skinhead before I was a White Nationalist before I became a National Socialist, and that’s not even going into the religious paths I traveled to end up as a Christian Identist, or the regional fate which had me briefly in stasis as a Southern Nationalist. We all got here from somewhere, didn’t we? Many of us through long and torturous routes.

If nothing else, such a perspective should remind us to try to be understanding of others who are further behind us on the same path. We shouldn’t get mad at a baby because they drink milk before they have the teeth to chew meat, and we shouldn’t be angry at people who need our leadership and guidance, rather than our condescension and dismissal, no matter how frustrating they may be with their slow evolution of thought at times.

You know, there was even a time, as a teenager, when I was a member of The John Birch Society, a reactionary paleoconservative organization which believes that there is a worldwide cabal of globalist power-brokers headed up by the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council On Foreign Relations. It’s just a step ahead of conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, really.

Their publication, the New American, has some interesting articles, but their singular fault is that they never name the Jew. It’s like a well-written crime mystery novel with the last chapter ripped out. Now, if an author kept publishing books like that, again and again, eventually you’d come to the conclusion that they were just screwing with you, right? You’d understand that they didn’t really want anybody to solve the question of who was really at fault. And, that’s the John Birch Society. They’re a steam-pressure release valve to siphon off distrustful and half-woke folks into harmless (to the Jews) if breathless conspiracy theorizing.

Thanks to Melissa Dennis of Noble Breed Kindred for bringing this new article of theirs to my attention. Entitled “At “World Government Summit,” Top Globalists Drop The Mask”, the piece reads almost like real journalism, whispering the implication that the enemies of humanity are Muslims or Baal worshippers or something even more exotic, old school Communists. Really, the article could have been a lot shorter if it was more honest. Every time you read the term “globalists”, put a trio of parentheses around it. Every time someone tells you who our real enemies are, tell them that they misspelled “Jew”. Because, unless they name the true enemy, they may represent a place to be from along the way to the truth, but it’s not anyplace you want to stick around at any longer than necessary. Kind of like Jared Taylor’s ‘American Renaissance’.