Doing what needs to be done in the way that nature intends is not a spectator sport, for men or women. #Tradlife

A White Woman’s Perspective

“Tradlife” thoughts

You can find the word “Tradlife” as a hashtag, Facebook group and even attached to articles about archery. But, what does it actually mean?

To some it means, housewives who wear skirts, homeschool, are submissive wives who are stuck in a fifties television sitcom. To some, it gives them a way to post to the world that they just washed dishes and because they attached the word, with a hashtag, someone should clap for them. To others, it simply means they are going back to basics, no fancy frills and whistles (example: primitive weaponry).

To me, I think it’s a sign of the times that females who are doing their feminine jobs, are using a word to try to get some kind of validation from people online that they most likely don’t even know. I also find it kind of depressing that doing things that pertain to this “Tradlife” word has become something of a novelty.

There was a time when our women sewed clothes for their entire family, crocheted and knitted socks, hats, gloves.. cooked very large meals from scratch, no boxed or canned pre-made food, they made their own soap, grew their own vegetables, they raised their own kids… all without a pat on the back or a hundred retweets giving them validation for mopping the floor.

There are now festivals and things like the Ozark Folk Center that exist for people to go see women dressed up and doing things the “olden days” way. To me, that is sad.

We whites are losing our culture, our skills that our people have had for centuries, and we cannot blame the Jews or the non-whites for our laziness. We women used to be taught cooking, sewing, housekeeping skills, even mothering skills as soon as we could walk, now we either aren’t being taught these things (I for example, did not grow up with any female role model),we have no desire to learn something new or we are aren’t teaching these things to our future generations.

I myself have had to learn many “Tradlife” female skills via books, youtube, or trial and error. I find it extremely frustrating that I don’t know one female that can help teach me these things in person. I have been successful at teaching myself crochet, loom knitting, cross stitch and embroidery.. but I’m having quite a frustrating time figuring out sewing machines. I also taught myself cooking which thankfully my kids survived through.

I’m not sure I will ever understand the female desire to post all over the internet their Tradlife duty of the day. Women, if you need validation for doing your jobs, look around at your clean house, your well fed kids, and let that be your validation. We don’t need a hashtag to assure us that we are living and doing what is natural for us to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see our women showing off their garden, sharing their recipes, displaying their handmade soaps, lotions, clothing, etc, I just don’t think it’s necessary to advertise mopping the floor or cleaning the toilet, and treating the things that we should be doing, as novelties.

I have never seen a man use the hashtag “Tradlife” finding the need to share that his paycheck bought groceries or kept the electricity on, or that he took the garbage to the curb.

Let’s not turn what we do into an internet novelty. Let’s work on learning and passing these skills on to our future generations so our culture is not lost. Let’s promote “WhiteLife” by doing what we’re supposed to be doing, without being tacky or needy while doing it.