Written by Tina for ‘The White Woman’s Perspective‘.

Mrs. Roper

So, my kids like to tell me that I am not “with the times”, that I’m “old and uncool”, which I imagine is something most kids think about their parents. However, I’m going to agree with their assessment that I am definitely not with the times.

I’m perplexed as to how our people can proclaim that they are white nationalists, fighting for the 14 words, shouting “White Pride” and “Proud to be racist!”, while supporting and cheering on men who are proud to have 10% Jewish ancestry, or men who are homosexuals, or men who are married to half-breeds. In my very uncool beliefs, one being that our people should not have relationships and breed with other races, second, that homosexuality is an abomination that contributes to the decline of our race, and third, that only people of pure white ancestry should be on our side of the battlefield… I’m…

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