by Billy Roper

After being caught on video defending pedophilia (a predeliction of many homosexuals) Jewish faggot Milo has been disinvited from the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) event he had been scheduled to speak at, and may have lost a book deal, as well. As collateral damage, more people are openly disavowing him. What they misunderstand is that he was never a conservative, much less a White Nationalist or a member of the Alt Right. He’s not White, he’s a Jew, and he’s a cultural libertarian, as are many of the Alt Lite NPI supporters who share his sexual appetites. They just want their depravity to be given the thumbs up, or indeed, the whole fist. They want a no-holes-barred amorality to be prevalent. Like all anti-majority fringe groups, they just want to be loved and accepted and told that we’re all the same. We’re not.

Steve Bannon wasn’t the only one who helped promote Milo, though. While many activists, authors, and commentators such as myself were saying “NO” as loudly and repeatedly as we could, far too many other voices applauded Milo desperately, as if him being a Jew, and gay, and liking black penis, satisfactorily took the curse off of him not particularly welcoming Muslims, somehow. They contorted through agonized defenses of the big tent approach, and against ‘purity spiraling’. I’m not going to name names of some of the leaders who helped propel him into the national spotlight. I sincerely believe they are active enemies who are beyond redemption. This is for those rank and file, entry-level people who thought retweeting or re-sharing Milo was edgy and cool and triggering: there is no place for homosexuals and Jews, or those who support them, in our movement, and there will be no room for them, OR FOR THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM, in our new White nation.

Take this as your warning. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. There are no second chances.