Recently, I began writing about how the globalist elites may be willing to purposefully crash the economy in order to maintain their control. A global credit and debit freeze would cause a serious economic crash, and could wreck Trump’s Presidency, if not the nation’s economic infrastructure as a whole.

Now CIA financial-threat analyst Jim Rickards warns of a looming $326 trillion crisis poised to freeze the world financial system indefinitely… in just 48 hours…

(Like everybody else, this guy’s trying to make a buck selling investment advice, so there’s always the chance that he may be exaggerating things. It’s worth looking into (not necessarily worth spending money on) though, just in case.)

Economic collapse, through purposeful crashing of the system or random profit-taking and irresponsibility, could be a crisis trigger scenario leading to the balkanization of America and another civil war. If I was them, it’s what I’d use.