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Hasten the Day

It’s this time, next year. Hyperinflation, the collapse of the dollar, and economic depression have America on the ropes, when uncontrolled illegal immigration delivers a sucker punch to the glass jaw of multiracial democracy. Race riots and secessions lead to ethnic cleansing and Balkanization. ‘Hasten The Day’ chronicles the first year after the breakup of the United States into several independent nations. If you believe that what cannot fly must fall, you won’t want to miss reading “Hasten The Day”!


Glome’s Saga: Vikings In America

It’s a thousand years ago. Guess who’s coming to dinner? This first person narrative historical fiction novel is inspired by Erik The Red’s Saga and the Greenlander’s Saga, as well as similar old Norse tales, and the Heavener runestone(s) in Oklahoma. Follow Glome’s life struggle in his own words as he travels from early 11th century Norway to England, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, and North America. This rollicking Viking adventure about the Norse exploration and attempted colonization of the new land is filled with action, intrigue, and drama, as well as the dark humor typical of the age.