Harold Covington and I may not agree on exactly where our new White nation will be, but he and I both do agree that one must and will come, and he deserves all of our people’s respect for his lifetime commitment to the cause. This audio recording by him of a speech from his book A Distant Thunder should inspire you to read the whole work. In addition to being a patriot, he’s an excellent writer, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Here’s a description of A Distant Thunder, which you can purchase by clicking THIS.

Shane Ryan is a wrong guy. Wrong race. Wrong gender. Wrong class. Wrong side of the tracks. Wrong attitude. America in the near future is a cold, cruel place, especially in the hardscrabble rural Pacific Northwest. There’s war in the Middle East, a revived draft, mass unemployment, an economy permanently on the skids, greed and corruption, incompetence and stupidity at the top. Poor blue-collar kids from the trailer park are last in line for everything. America has screwed Shane Ryan, and he returns the favor. He joins the Northwest Volunteer Army, a terrorist organization dedicated to overthrowing the United States government and establishing an independent nation. America is about to learn the hard way that what goes around, comes around.