Isaiah had prophesied, “Say ye not, A confederacy (conspiracy), to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.  Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.  And he shall be for a sanctuary…” (Isaiah 8:12-14)

If there is a conspiracy, it is one in the realm of the spirit, and the conspirators are evil spirits operating in and through willing people who had been sucked in by demonic lies. (the races are all equal, we are all the same, the Jews are God’s chosen, et cetera)

There are no secret meetings of worldwide Jewry, they do what they do because it is in their nature, for they are of their father the devil. Their group adaptive survival instinct, to put it in secular terms, drives them to undermine the majority population in every host country they enter. They are compelled to fight homogeneity, and promote open borders and minority immigration. Their nature forces them to be the counterculture, so that they will not be recognized as the only “other” and be pogromed once again. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just what they are, and what they do. They don’t even have to think about, much less talk about it or plan it. It’s in their blood.

Now, however, their ‘chutzpah’ has gone too far, and they are so obvious about it that they’re being exposed. More and more of our people are becoming aware of them. The backlash, the resistance, is growing.

We aren’t done with the valley of the shadow of death yet, but there is developing in me a very clear sense of I will fear no evil.”  Beyond that, the sense of the presence of the Lord and David’s declaration, “For thou art with me,” is more real than I could possibly express.  It takes no imagination whatever to know that the Lord has been Protector, Shield, and Rock of Defense in the midst of all of it.

We will win. They will be destroyed. It’s not because God is on our side, but because WE are on HIS.