White Self Destruction

By Billy Roper

Some people say that our racial altruism, a genetic inheritance left over from harsh and cold northern European winters where we had to all cooperate to survive, is our worst Achilles’ heel as a people, especially in a multiracial society when it is applied to nonWhites. Similarly, some blame our natural empathy for the downtrodden and weak, which was helpful when keeping a wailing infant from being thrown out of the cave at three a.m., but is deadly when applied to the underdog mud-colored illegal immigrant. It’s true that both harmful impulses are overabundant in females of both genders within our race today, but I’d like to discuss three other weaknesses of our people which are self-destructive, if you don’t mind reading my indulgence. I want to talk somewhat at length about White Self Destruction on three fronts: Ethocentrism, Regionalism, and Religion.

It is suicidally self-destructive of Whites to engage in Ethnocentrism. I agree that our species is a sliding scale spectrum with Nordics on one end and say, African pygmies on the extreme other. I agree that our goal and purpose in life is to work to move that sliding scale away from one end of that racial spectrum, and towards the other. I even agree that some Whites are further along that spectrum, observably and measurably, than others. But worrying about Slavics vs. Alpines vs. Mediterraneans now is, at best, premature. Group natural selection works through a species differentiating and specializing among itself through climactic and other environmental adaptations into specific subspecies which are identifiable taxonomically as races, analogous to dog or horse breeds within the canine and equine species, respectively. Those differentiated population groups then compete for territories and resources to determine which, as Darwin put it, is “most favored”. The winning race becomes the new de facto species; the losers, through genocide and/or assimilation, become extinct. Just ask the Neanderthal. That new de facto species then specializes and differentiates within itself once again in a continual, eternal honing process which is necessary for group natural selection, and through it the evolution of the species, to continue. That’s why multiracialism and hybridization destroys the true diversity which nature requires for the continued refinement process. In other words, race mixing blunts evolution by subsuming those most recent and most highly evolved recessive genes back into the less advanced base gene pool from which they were selected originally as favorable genetic mutations. Lesser evolved traits are always dominant, when the two are mixed.

That having been said, we are at present still engaged in a literal competition for survival with other races or subspecies within our species. It is far from the time yet to compete among ourselves over ethnicity or nationality, even if ethnicities may one day become nascent races. For now we, meaning all Whites, all people of wholly European ancestry, should be united against our common foes. To fuss about who is more White now is counter-productive, suicidal, and self-defeating. We’ll have plenty of time to worry about that, once there are no more nonWhites left to fight.

Next, Regionalism. Many Americans see Europeans as weak and effete, if not effeminate. Many Europeans see Americans as ignorant and brutish and slovenly. Further, in Europe there are national hatreds which cannot be defined by ethnicity or even real genetic variation, and of course in the U.S., regional differences are more important to some, than to others. I won’t speak to soccer hooligans from Germany beating up Danes or Poles, since that’s not my primary area of expertise. Instead, I’ll address as an example, Southern Nationalism.

I am a southerner, bred, born, and raised. Both of my parents were southerners, as were my ancestors on both sides back well before the War for Southern Independence. All of them fought, and some of them died, for the Confederacy. The rest lived through the privation, humiliation, and starvation of disenfranchisement and brutal military occupation by Federal troops during the radical reconstruction era. They suffered from, and fought against, northern carpetbaggers, profiteers, and exploiters, as well as the vengeful former farm machinery which northerners purposefully set loose on a disarmed civilian population. I grew up hearing those horror stories, and thinking that ‘damnyankee’ was just one word. My father and both of my grandfathers were Klansmen, as were their fathers. And yet, I am not a Southern Nationalist. I am a White Nationalist. Let me tell you why.

My race is my nation. The same blood flows through my veins which flowed through the veins of my Viking and Saxon ancestors, before they ever saw a rebel flag. They went from Norway and Germany to England, and from there to America, without once humming a single stanza of “Dixie”. We were the same people then, as now. That wasn’t changed by geography. If for any reason I should ever move to another area of the country, or even to another country, I would still be White. I have more in common with a racially conscious White yankee than I do with a cucked, nigger-loving White southerner. I’d rather live next to the former, than the latter. In fact, my area of the Ozarks receives a lot of  White flight from both Whites fleeing blacks in Mississippi and Louisiana, as well as Whites fleeing them from Chicago and Minneapolis and Detroit. I’ve found that the northern Whites are more open about admitting why they moved than the southern Whites. They aren’t as likely to speak euphemistically about the clean mountain air or the lower crime or the better schools, and maybe that’s a cultural difference, because southerners are more genteel and diplomatic, but if so, when it comes to racial survival, it’s a cultural weakness of southerners. The time for chivalry is over, as is the time for regionalism.

We are quite correct to tell blacks that they should stop bitching about slavery, because none of them have ever been slaves, and none of us have ever owned slaves. It’s equally true that no yankee has ever burned down our plantation house, and none of us have ever been shot charging up Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg. The civil war happened just as long ago for us as slavery happened for blacks. Yes, indeed, let’s all get over it, shall we?

In holding anti-immigration demonstrations in the south, I’ve been accosted more than once by rainbow Neo-Confederates who have conniption fits, frothing at me that the Confederacy was not racist, spewing forth about black rebel soldiers, and wanting to fight when I ask them which side of the protest line they think Nathan Bedford Forrest would be on. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are some of the worst offenders in this politically correct manner, but it bleeds over into all facets of Southern Nationalism, which places region above race. Please see my article “White Nationalism vs. Southern Nationalism” for a further discussion of this issue. Whether New America will include the former Dixie when America balkanizes, or they will be refugees from New Africa knocking on our doors and asking us to scoot over and let them in, only time will tell, of course. But in between now and then, I ask that those Whites who are as mobile and adventurous  in spirit as our ancestors who came here place loyalty to their race over their physical address.

Finally, and perhaps most controversially, let me wade into religion. My first wife and I were married by Dr. William Pierce in a Cosmotheist ceremony. If there’s ANYBODY still alive who can say the same, please let me know. I dabbled in Odinism to the point of being marked for life by it, and researched Creativity until I figured out a few things. One, our ancestors lived in a northern European environment where fresh fruit wasn’t available for half the year, so there’s no way that a fruitarian diet is natural or healthy for us. Second, it’s silly to want Latin to be the universal White language, especially when your symbol uses a letter, ‘W’, which doesn’t exist in the Latin alphabet. And thirdly, it’s anti-Christian, which is a non-starter for reasons I’ll piggyback onto the explanation below.

Obviously, because of my experience in life, and my former apostasy, I am not hostile to those of other faiths, even those who are non-Christian. I try to allow my example to be a witness to them, as a Christian Identist, but I think it’s safe to say that I neither browbeat nor exclude those who don’t share my religious convictions. In that regard, I’m not anti-Creator, or anti-Odinist, or anti-Agnostic, because I’ve been there, done that, and I think, humbly, that may make me a better witness to them than those who say that we’re supposed to come out from among them and be a separate people and not associate with nonbelievers. I’m glad that the men such as Pastor Butler and Pastor Robb who led me back to faith didn’t hold to that. Otherwise, I’d be writing this from an entirely different perspective. So, let’s look at another spiritual path some White Nationalists have taken: esoteric National Socialist spirituality.

Around 3600 years ago, a group of interrelated White tribes moved into and conquered northern India from the west. Another branch of their people, arriving even earlier, continued eastwards to northern China’s Takla Makan and beyond, where they became known as the Tocharians. Their well-preserved mummies have been discovered relatively recently, and genetic testing found them to have kinship to the Celts. I wrote about this extensively in my research for Arthur Kemp’s “March of the Titans: A History of the White Race”. They decorated themselves with tattoos, including swastikas, wove and wore plaid tartans, and were often blonde or red-haired, with stereotypically European features. It was they who brought the domestication of the horse, refined metallurgy, and a written alphabet to China, as well as establishing the silk road trade. The northern Chinese, to varying degrees, still carry part of their D.N.A.. Some even migrated to Japan, where their remnants who weren’t subsumed by Polynesian genetic lines survive as the Ainu today, on the northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido. One branch moved south into what we today call Iran, a name which comes from the same Sanskrit term which defined those who remained in India: “Aryans”. It is a term meaning “noble”, defining their position in society. One of the titles of the Shah of Iran is still “Light Of The Aryans”, and early Persian civilization was created and ruled by these White conquerors. There were branches of Aryans into Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, too.

Those Aryans who remained in India feared their descendants intermarrying with their conquered subjects. To attempt to forestall this they established Hinduism, a racial religion whose holy books, the Vedas, tell of the racial war which accompanied the conquest of the subcontinent. The caste system of ‘varnas’, which comes from the same root word as our ‘varnish’, meaning ‘color’, were meant to enforce this racial separation by degrees. Although their attempt was only partially successful, even today the higher castes are almost White, genetically. Almost. Some of them are similar to Mediterraneans, but those individuals are rare. As one goes lower down the caste scale, Hindus become darker, with the lowest “untouchable” castes being almost full-blooded Dravidians, the indigenous nonWhite people of India. Eventually, however, over the thousands of years, miscegenation trickled upwards. Suffice to say that I wouldn’t advise any White person marrying an Indian today in the belief that they were really White. However, that’s precisely what Savitri Devi did, and some National Socialists laud her as a philosophical genius and icon. Let’s look at where they go wrong.

It’s quite natural, considering the anti-White and Judeophile condition of most Judeo-Christian churches, for Whites to have misgivings about Christianity in its most popular form. Whether Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox, most branches of Christianity profess egalitarian universalism. In fact, when I was a teenager and began to compare my racially conscious worldview and my observations of collective Jewish behavior with my church’s admonition against ever criticizing them, that hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance led me to outright apostasy. I spent most of my young adulthood as an agnostic, and even dabbled in Odinism and explored Creativity, as alternatives. Fortunately for me, I met and developed a close friendship with Pastor Richard Butler. He, along with other Christian Identity Pastors such as Thomas Robb, helped me regain my faith, and for that I am grateful. However, my interlude of nonbelief allows me to understand how anti-Christian racialists feel, and how they get there. I get it, I really do. Had it not been for the intercession of Christian Identity leaders who were willing to minister to me rationally and logically, “there but for the grace of God, go I”.

The truth I was led to, of course, is that those who call themselves Jews today are not God’s chosen people. They are not descended from Abraham, or from his grandson Jacob Israel, so they are not the Israelites of the Bible. They did not inherit the covenant between God and Abraham and Abraham’s descendants. We, Whites  are, and we did. That’s why today I am a Christian Identist. Our race and our religion are tied together, immutably, because we, Whites, are God’s chosen people. That is why Christian Identists understand that no, Jesus was not a Jew. After their captivity the lost Israelites, the ones whom Jesus said in Matthew Ch. 15 that he had come only to seek out and save, crossed the Caucusus Mountains into Europe, which is why Whites are alternatively called “Caucasians” today.

We also know that the overwhelming majority of White Americans, especially the most conservative of them who are closest to us politically and most likely to support our cause of bringing about a White nation, are at least nominally Christians. Being anti-Christian as a racialist, then, is counter-productive. It places yet another hurdle between us and our largest potential recruiting pool, as well as our most likely supportive population. Let’s face it, our job is hard enough, already, isn’t it? The hurdle of faith is harder to surmount than the hurdle of political correctness or party affiliation or even regionalism. Freeing Christians from their Judeophile misapprehension is easier than converting them to being non-Christians, even if doing so was desirable. Let me be clear: no anti-Christian racialist movement will succeed in America.

Religious neutrality at  minimum, or preferably, the advocation of a racially positive Christianity such as that embodied and exemplified by the first Fuhrer explicitly, is a far more advantageous stratagem. That is, if you want to win. Some would rather sit in a corner by themselves feeling superior, thinking that they are “right”, while our people slide towards minority status in the United States. They’d rather make jokes about Jesus being a dead Jew on a stick and Christianity being a Semitic desert religion, than try to do what is best for our people. Because, true National Socialism teaches that what is good for our people is good, and what is bad for our people is bad. I further submit that what makes us more likely to win a White nation is a good thing, and what makes it harder us to win a White nation is bad.

Those such as David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald, both of whom deserve acknowledgement and our respect for their contributions to our people and our cause in other areas, do our race a disservice by claiming that those who call themselves Jews today are descendants of the Israelites of the Bible. By doing so, they alienate needlessly the millions of White Christians who only need correction and instruction as I received in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the struggle. I know that it can be done, because I have done it myself, with many Judeo-Christians, just as it was done for me. They can be turned, they can be liberated, if we do not choose to make them our enemies. That’s why anti-Christian perspectives such as Creativity, Odinism, and the Esoteric Spiritualism of The New Order adherents are racially suicidal. They are more divisive than Nordicism, or Southern Nationalism. I reach out my hand in friendship to them as a witness who understands why they believe what they do, but asking them to reconsider their positions, for the good of our race. Now, let me tell you a bit about Savitri Devi, whom The New Order  type Esoteric National Socialists so admire.

Savitri Devi Mukherji was the pseudonym of the Greek-French writer Maximiani Portas, a prominent proponent of animal rights, deep ecology and Nazism, who served the Axis cause during World War II by spying on Allied forces in India.

She elevated Adolf Hitler to godlike status with a combination of fetishistic worship, calling him a “man against time”. Her theory of “the lightning and the sun” describes him the near perfect incarnation of mankind, combining Hinduism with Cosmotheism. Many esoteric National Socialists, specifically the New Order fetishists, ignore or whitewash Hitler’s own often professed Christianity, and are anti-Christian. Savitri Devi was an early proponent of mixed marriages.

Here is a picture of her husband, Asit Krishna Mukherji. Tell me, does he look Aryan to you? After the outbreak of the second world war, Savitri Devi risked being expelled from India, so Mukherji offered to marry her. She described it as a chaste marriage, concluded purely for passport reasons. Chastity in marriage may have suited Mukherji as a believer in the yogic powers conferred by sexual abstinence. His bride, by contrast, was very open-minded and easy-going about sexuality and had had many affairs with men as well as women. Let me repeat that. In addition to being married to a nonWhite, Savitri Devi was a promiscuous bisexual.

In her artwork, Savitri Devi painted the ancient Egyptians, including Nefertiti and Akhenaton, as being black. She believed Nazism was part of an esoteric tradition and the germ of a new solar religion with Hitler as its prophet. However, Léon Degrelle, who actually knew Hitler, said Hitler’s religious beliefs were not like that in any way.

Devi’s “message” included wonderful things to say about the nonWhite she painted as Nefertiti. Give some thought to that. She paints a nonwhite Queen, then tells us we should worship her god?

“Prince Amenhotep probably taught her to see the Sun as he did, that is to say, as the most beautiful and the kindest of gods; we do not know if we should add, at this early stage of his religious history: as the only God worth praising.

Royal Wife, great in majesty, Lady of the Two Lands, Nefer-neferu-Aten Nefertiti
Nefertiti had imbibed more of the spirit of the Religion of the Disk than any of them”
Savitri Devi

Her Hinduism led to the destruction of the Aryans in India. What is left is essentially light skinned mulattos. Devi’s relatives by marriage were under the impression the marriage to her nonWhite was real. In their own words:

“Subrata Banerjee did not recall when Savitri Devi married his uncle, but remembered her during the Second World War when she was already his aunt. Like his brother, he characterizes her primarily as an eccentric:

“She was very fond of our family, particularly my mother, and used to visit us often. She used to wear much jewelry and very thick vermillion powder in the parting of her hair as the sign of a Hindu wife. She claimed that she was an Aryan and had become a Hindu, and as a Brahmin her husband too was an Aryan. She claimed that she recognized him as an Aryan the moment she set eyes on him. As far as I can recall she met him in India. We felt that she was quite eccentric. She was so serious about adopting Hinduism that she even wanted to address my uncle as Aryaputra, the very ancient Hindu was of addressing one’s husband.,”

This is what Savitri Devi wrote about Akhanaton, whom she painted as a black man: “There are few things in the history of any land or time as beautiful as the short life of Akhnaton, king of Egypt in the early fourteenth century B.C. Some men are celebrated for their extraordinary intelligence; others are famous as great artists; others have become immortal account of their goodness. But few have been intellectual geniuses, artists and saints at the same time, in the natural perfection of their being. Akhnaton was such a man.”Savitri Devi

My goal is not to attack any non-Christian faith exclusively, nor Southern Nationalists, nor Nordicists. I’ve been in ALL of your ranks myself, at one time or another. I just want all of us, myself included, to try every day to make decisions which are as unselfish as possible, and in the overall best interests of our race as a whole. Please thoughtfully consider what I’ve shared, and feel free to give me your feedback, even if you disagree. I’d like to understand why. Thank you for your time reading this long piece, it means a lot to me that you finished it!