The world’s most popular search engine, so ubiquitous that its name has become a verb, is now planning on using new technology to fight ‘hate speech’ online, even when such speech is protected by the first amendment.

I’ve often been told that I cannot travel to certain European countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany, or I would be arrested upon arrival for things I’ve written online which have been readable in those countries where pro-White speech is illegal. Ostensibly because of the international reach of the internet, censorship is using that excuse to curtail free speech even where it is still legal. Google, like other Jewish-owned companies such as Facebook, is also now using its anti-White power through vague ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Community Standards’ definitions which are enforced from a biased and discriminatory anti-White Perspective. Now they will be scanning the entire internet and reading every social media post for expressions of opinion which they consider “toxic”.

The internet. Use it while you can. Before long, things are going to get IRL.