Our real threat doesn’t come from those like Louis Farrakhan, who tells his people that they are living in the breakup of America.

The real danger comes from civic nationalists who consider themselves moderates and patriots, and seek to unify the nation by appealing to commonality.

Remember that multiracialism cannot fly, what cannot fly must fall, and what is falling, we should still push, and say, “fall faster”, NOT try to prop up. The patient is terminal. Pull the plug.

From Business Insider: In a wide-ranging interview, (historian Neil) Howe (discusses Trump, Bannon, and populism, and) also detailed his own views about the possibility of civil war in America by discussing the mood in the US just before the Civil War in 1859: “Right up to the end, no one really realistically thought that actual war would happen. It just seemed incredible.”

Listen to the full, informative interview with Howe here.

J.D. Heyes observes rationally on a new balkanization website that “The Next Civil War Starts In California”. 

David Hodges agrees. Both are worth paying attention to.

James Fulford dissects how the optics on Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos’s failed visit to a D.C. public school reveals not only the weakness and incompetence of the Federal Varangian Guard, but the emerging tactics and front line soldiers of the left as open violence becomes the political norm.