Tina Roper, a stay-at-home housewife and mother in the rural Arkansas Ozarks, has chickens in her back yard for organic, pesticide and herbicide free eggs. She is a voracious reader, and maintains two internet websites of her own. Often, she counsels those who are recovering from addiction or abuse. When the weather is right, she picks wild herbs and greens, and plants a wide variety of vegetables in her garden. Bird and squirrel feeders adorn her yard, and a dog and cat scamper freely in the woods. For some, her life might seem idyllic. She also spends hours nearly every day making crafts. Visiting flea markets and goodwill and thrift stores, she searches for yarn, fabric, and material to weave into rugs or  scrubbies, or to knit into clothing. Tina painstakingly hand-crochets and sews stuffed animals, gloves and socks and caps, scarves and purses, and even quilts and blankets for children taken out of abusive homes, or in the foster care system, and newborns, as well as the elderly who have been forgotten, left alone in nursing homes.

So long as they are White.

You see, Tina runs the ‘Cover Our People With Love’ charity, and it’s strictly for White people. She doesn’t see the harm in that. Other races have their own fundraisers and scholarships and charities strictly to help their own people, and she doesn’t begrudge them that, either. In fact, she thinks that the world would be a lot better place if people all took care of their own, and let others do the same.

You can see some of the examples of quilts and blankets Tina makes on her ‘Cover Our People With Love’ website, HERE.

Many hours of hard work, and a lot of love for her people, go into every quilt or blanket that she makes, often by hand. She hopes that they will provide some comfort and reassurance to a broken-hearted White child, or a lonely and depressed White senior citizen. The idea behind her charity effort is that knowing one of their own people cared enough about them to make something by hand might be just what a lost and hurting White person needs when they’re at one of life’s low points. It’s worth it to her, to give them hope, and to remind them that our people are connected by blood, by culture, by history, and by love. When it seems like the whole world is against them, and noone notices them, and noone knows what they’re going through, Tina Roper wants to ‘Cover Our People With Love’.

But as I’m sure you know, the need is great, and time is short. There are literally millions of innocent White children in foster care, and lonely, forgotten White elderly grandparents, crying somewhere in the darkness, right now. Many of them don’t remember the last kind word they heard spoken to them, or the last touch of kindness or compassion they felt. Some of them may never know what it means to be a part of a family again, or that anyone in the world cares about them, without our help.

The cost to produce a new, handmade quilt or blanket isn’t great. In fact, it’s less than what many people spend on a pizza, a case of beer, or a carton of cigarettes. The impact that gift of love may have on an endangered White person in jeopardy, though, may be priceless. And you know, it isn’t one person doing a lot that makes the difference, but a whole lot of people doing just a little that really adds up, and could spell the difference between one of our people giving up, and helping Tina offer them a gesture of love which could restore their spirit and make life worth living for them once again.

Now, I don’t know your personal financial situation. Like Tina and her family, you might just make it by, paycheck to paycheck. But, it might be that you have a little left over. Maybe you have a tax refund that has given you a few extra dollars above and beyond your normal budget. Or, you might be willing to not eat out this week, and instead, help the ‘Cover Our People With Love‘ charity help our weakest and most broken. Please let one of these poor and abused White children or elderly grandmothers count on you for a little love. Anything would be a blessing, depending on how much you truly love your people, and how much you care about those of them who have been left behind.

If you have any yarn, fabric, or material which you’d like to donate, or any funds to help purchase them, please send whatever you can to ‘Cover Our People With Love‘ courtesy of Tina Roper, P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. Anything would be a blessing, and thank you for loving your people, and showing it through your actions in partnership with us.