by Billy Roper

Having never read or taken to heart Revelation 2:9 or Revelation 3:9, apparently, many so-called Christians worship Israel, rather than God. In this article and the attached video, a reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Company explores the bizarre phenomenon of Christian Zionism.

Christian Zionists need to understand that those who call themselves Jews today are NOT descended from Abraham or his grandson Jacob (Israel). Therefore, they did NOT inherit a covenant between God and Abraham, and they are NOT God’s chosen people, nor are they descended from the Israelites of the Bible.

It is okay to observe their fruits, and judge them by them. We can collectively criticize their anti-Christian, anti-White machinations through their support of the LGBTQ agenda, open borders, and White genocide. In fact, like Jesus, we have a Christian duty to do so.

When the anti-Christ comes, he will be preaching racial unity, globalism, and universal brotherhood and peace. Make sure that you’re on the other side, God’s side, before you wake up and realize that you’ve been serving the wrong master.

Israel is a people, not a place, and the Jews are not them.