In my youth I put up a lot of pro-White flyers and stickers publicly. When they would get removed quickly I became curious, so I put more up, then hid and watched to see what happened. Nine times out of ten it wasn’t blacks or Mexicans taking them down. It was overweight, middle-aged White women. They may have gotten older, but they still haven’t grown up much.

In Louisiana, one of the more Christian states, Communists and Democrats showed up at one of the recent Town Hall rallies Congressmen have been holding to discuss the replacement of Obamacare with their constituents. They heckled and disrupted the opening prayer, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance. You need to watch the video to understand just how disrespectful and pushy they are. Whether they are paid protesters or are operating based on the blackness in their own withered up, dried-out…hearts, I look forward to seeing each and very one of them put up against a wall.

I was raised to respect my elders, so I don’t say this lightly, but most of the aging protesters showing up at these events to vent their post-menopausal angst just need to die off. This is what happens when you first let them vote, then convince them that just because they managed to survive past their reproductive years their opinion matters.

Many of them are White women well past middle age, with a few cucked baby boomer men tagging along, “yes, Dear”. They feel like we owe them health care and social security and medicare and a boatload of other government benefits for the rest of their miserable lives, no matter how much it costs or who foots the bill. That, after they sat back and allowed the civil rights movement and Hart-Celler and the invasion of America. When they were younger they protested the Vietnam War and burned their bras. Now, they want to burn America. Well, light’er up, grandma.

These old, entitled, arrogant liberals are leading us towards further polarization, division, and balkanization, and you know what? I love it. When America goes down and the true bloodbath begins, remember them, and remember that THEY are the ones who normalized political violence and uncivil confrontations. They’re sowing a wind, and will reap a whirlwind.

You may not have the ruthlessness to punch the exit card of a Communist who has gone long in the tooth, but somebody will. I think I hear them coming.