California’s Sanctuary Cities are using legal arguments of Federal nullification similar to the points of law made by South Carolinians leading up to their own secession move at the beginning of the last civil war. Many Constitutional theorists have argued during the lull between the two conflicts that secession is, or should be, permitted by any state of the Union. In other words, that the South was right. As Sanctuary Cities become in some areas Sanctuary Counties, California may become a de facto Sanctuary State, quickening La Reconquista de Aztlan and in result, the balkanization of America.

Of course, if the Federal nullification ploy works, why can’t Counties or States nullify Federal anti-gun laws? Why can’t Utah nullify Federal anti-polygamy laws? The possibilities and permutations are endless if the system unravels back to Federalism’s original intention for the limits of Federal power, or far beyond. Far, far beyond. Like, Mad Max level. Hasten The Day.