In European News, some self-branded Scottish Nationalists are actually cultural Marxists who endorse unlimited nonWhite immigration into the northern half of the U.K.. They also support I.R.A. terrorist actions and their anti-Protestant, anti-British (indeed, anti-White) ideology.


Recently prominent individuals in the SNP , including both an MSP, a councillor and a prospective council candidate have come under media scrutiny for their open support for Irish republican terrorism, sharing both vicious hatred of Britain combined with faux nationalism as a thin disguise for their vile politics of cultural Marxism.


Pictured above (in the middle)!) is the SNP MSP for Glasgow, Shettleston, Mason is, in addition to being a committed multiculturalist a supporter of IRA terrorism. He recently described the vile killers of the three Scottish soldiers in Legioneil, Belfast in 1973 as “freedom fighters”. His later enforced “apology” was wholly cosmetic, ill disguising the common cause which drives republicans on both sides of the water..

While the SNP are doctrinaire anti-racist, with Asians having provided the initial cash funding to establish the party, republicans there are keen to enter a culture of victim hood where by their…

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