Temujin. the warlord who would become known by the title ‘Genghis Khan’, may have been a  White man, historical evidence reveals. He was born into a clan named “the gray eyed people”, and was described as being tall with with a reddish beard. His wife, named Bourtain, was also described by her name as having light colored eyes, and his ancestor who founded the clan is described as being golden-haired. Temujin was most likely descended from the White Tocharians of China. From the Apricity forum:

“The Mongol leader Temujin (AD 1167-1227), better known by his title Genghis Khan (Universal Ruler), was a man of strongly Nordish racial ancestry. According to the Persian historian Ab ul Ghasi, the tribal clan to which Temujin belonged, were known as the Bourchikoun (Grey-Eyed Men).

The ancestral mother and founder of this clan was known as Alan goa (beautiful Alan). According to the Mongol and Chinese legends on the subject, she was said to have been visited in her tent by a divine being, who possessed golden hair, a fair complexion and grey eyes. Shortly after this visitation, she gave birth to the first member of the Bourchikoun clan.

Temujin himself was noted in Chinese descriptions of him, for his tall stature and heavy beard.We should also note the following depiction of Temujin’s appearance, as given by Harold Lamb, in his biography of the great Khan:

“He must have been tall, with high shoulders, his skin a whitish tan. His eyes, set far apart under a sloping forehead, did not slant. And his eyes were green, or blue-grey in the iris, with black pupils. Long reddish-brown hair fell in braids to his back.”

Ab ul Ghasi also observed that the family of Yesukai, the father of Temujin, were known for the fact that their children often had fair complexions, and blue or grey eyes.

Temujin’s wife, Bourtai, bore a name which means “Grey-Eyed”.