If California were to vote to secede from the United States, as over one-third of voters in the state now wish, there would still be Constitutional hurdles to face which would make Brexit look like a no-fault divorce by comparison. Aside from the legal disentanglements, economic divestitures and bureaucratic divisions would take years, potentially. A hot scalpel cutting through the frayed ties that bind, of course, would be a crisis event scenario which triggered an abdication of power and responsibility by the Federal government. This could happen in many ways, such as an economic recession, credit bubble collapse, war, natural disaster, terrorist attack, or widespread civil unrest. In anticipation of the vacuum of power which might afford them such an opportunity, independence-minded Californians are moving forward with gathering signatures for petitions aimed at a popular state-wide referendum. They hope that the measure could be voted on during mid-term elections in 2018. Those gathering signatures have until July 25th to round up 600,000 names, in a state where nearly four million legal and illegal voters voted for the left-wing candidate over the winner, last year.

The takeaway on California secession for the rest of us is double-edged. On the one hand, the secession of one state could lead to further balkanization of America, a much needed development. Others could follow suit for their own reasons, or join in. Even the discussion of secession further polarizes and divides the country in a very healthy way. And, having liberals call for the dissolution of the Union allows us to frame the discussion of balkanization in a much more palatable perspective for moderate and mainstream citizens. It’s not just us crazy, evil, racist Nazis who want to break up America, see, it’s both ends against the middle. The middle, for the purpose of the discussion, should be described as the corrupt and wealthy establishment, fat cats, the globalists, the elites, the 1%’ers and their supporters who want to maintain the status quo for their own power and enrichment to continue.

On the other hand, California actually seceding would tilt the balance of the electoral college and the nation as a whole back to the right, ensuring the victory of Civic Nationalists who want to wrap all Americans in the flag and unify us under an authoritarian and color-blind rule of law. It’s akin to forcefully shoving a feeding tube down a dying patient’s throat to keep them alive, instead of just letting them go.

I don’t foresee California actually breaking away from the U.S. without a crisis event scenario, though, and if they can then, anybody else can and will, too. Because really, once the power of the Federal government which racially integrated our public schools at bayonet point two generations ago is diminished, all bets are off.

Until then, spread the word: Everybody but the elite establishment agrees, it’s time to go our separate ways.