The subtitle of ‘The Roper Report’ website is ‘Billy’s Balkanization Blog’, and normally we discuss the ongoing balkanization of the United States. However, balkanization of other nations could severely impact our fortunes and future here, a well. To that end, it’s crucial that we understand the inherent instability of all multiracial, multiethnic, and multireligious countries. There’s no more fragile example of this top-heavy miasma than modern India. With over one and a quarter billion people, India is second only to China in terms of sheer numbers, worldwide. In addition to regional differences and problems with secessionist minority groups in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, India also is now over 15% Muslim, a population which often is in conflict with the Hindu majority. Next door to India is their historical enemy, the Islamic state of Pakistan. Both countries are nuclear powers.

Imagine if war broke out between them again, and India balkanized. Hundreds of millions of refugees might seek to come to Europe or the United States. It could dwarf any migration we’ve ever before encountered. The results would be catastrophic.

Here is Indian television’s new report on just how close they are to balkanization.