by Tina, the founder of ‘Cover Our People With Love’, originally published HERE.

In the CDC study, they found that 91% of all residents living in assisted living are White/Caucasian.

I myself have worked in several nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and while working at them, I never encountered a non-white resident.

One of the hardest things to understand for me was how so many of the residents where put there by family members and never visited again by these same family members who insisted they go to these facilities in order to keep them alive longer, for if they stayed at home, “they would die without medical staff”.

One of my favorite residents to talk to was a 90 year old woman who had had nine children and lived through the depression. She had amazing stories to share. Yet, not one of her children or grandchildren ever came to visit her, nor did they even bring her any personal items. She just sat in her bed surrounded by white concrete walls and read day old newspapers after her roommate read them.

Our elderly men and women deserve better than to just be dumped off in nursing homes and forgotten about. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, find one day a week to go visit, even if it’s just an hour. Find the time to call them if they have a telephone in their room, even if they can’t really hear you. Take a few minutes to drop them something in the mail, even if they need help reading it.

Do not let our elders in nursing homes become something that is out of sight, out of mind. As long as they draw breath, they deserve to know that they are not forgotten.