I must have watched a different speech to Congress by Donald Trump than his blind, deaf, and dumb supporters did. Yes, he did mention building a border wall, and he did discuss a new reporting mechanism called “VOICE” to record and release the violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants, which got boos and hisses from some open-borders Democrats. But what I mainly heard was how we all bleed red and are made by the same God and have the same dreams and need to unify together to disavow and fight the evil and hatred and bigotry, Kumbaya. Red and Blue Patriotism, leaving out the White. He started out rattling about the threats to Jewish schools and the damage to Jewish cemeteries, and the shooting in Kansas City. The rest of it was pure, almost unadulterated Civic Nationalism. American war heroes dying for Israel being honored. Education being the next civil rights priority. I think even the feminists wearing white were blushing, a bit.

I’ve written before about how Civic Nationalism is a greater threat to our people’s future than black separatism or liberals in California seeking secession. Let me remind the people who SHOULD know better of why: multiracial democracy cannot fly. What cannot fly should fall. What is falling, we should still push, and say, “fall faster”.  It is not in our interests as a race to have unity, or assimilation, or for everyone to come together and wrap themselves in the flag. We don’t need conservatism, we don’t need to save America and bind our wounds as one. We need to pull the plug and bury it. There is nothing that any elected President could do or say, even one who didn’t have wholly Jewish in-laws and grandchildren, that would satisfy me, except that he was going to order the lockdown of all armed forces units on their bases while they were being racially segregated out, and we could commence the balkanization, because the Federal government was going out of business. Short of that, the Federal government is our enemy as a race. Your enemy who pats you on the back and smiles at you two or three times during a unifying speech when they smile at your adversaries even more is no less your enemy. In fact, they’re just more insidious. And if you don’t understand that, you’re either stupid or almost hopelessly naive.

To see Trump apologists like David Duke, who also thinks that Andrew Anglin, the advocate of sport-f*cking nonWhite girls in order to “cuck” nonWhite men, should be endorsed and promoted, applaud Trump’s speech is embarrassing. It reminds me of tales of medieval famine when starving peasants would have to pick through piles of cow manure looking for grains of undigested corn they could eat. It’s just as disgusting. We’re not that desperate, not when the solution to our hunger obviously lies elsewhere, outside of the electoral process.

But old Tom was right. “Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

Ask the frog in the heating pan of water: when will things get insufferable?