The collapse of the dollar is almost inevitable. Here’s how it will lead to a Civil War II.

“When the Dollar Dies, we can buy imports with gold or with our food. He said the price of imported goods will rise 500% on the day after the Dollar is no longer an International Reserve currency. The corollary is that foreigners will see American food as a bargain and will clear out the shelves in our grocery stores.

That is when the Nationwide Food Riots begin.

Now we can see the real possibility of a Civil War and even Race Riots as whites, blacks and Hispanics battle for food…

A Limited Hang Out Civil War is something of a misnomer. When a Civil War or a Race war starts, it will not be limited. What a Limited Hang Out Civil War means is that the Bankers and the media they own will try to keep control of the narrative.

Their problem is that all they can offer is a narrative. Bankers cannot offer a solution to the coming Financial Collapse because they would lose the source of their wealth which is to legally rob us of ours.”

What does he think is the solution? Read the rest of the article. You may be surprised.

If you’d like independent third party verification that Civil War II is coming, click here.