by Billy Roper

Different doctors have different approaches to medicine, and different prescriptions for healing. Some are nuts and bolts practitioners who believe in prioritizing a palliative quality of life improvement by attacking the symptom, irrespective of the cause of the disease. That’s my approach. If I have a headache, I don’t need a CT scan to see which of my cerebral blood vessels is constricted. I take an aspirin.

Other physicians have a more esoteric, holistic healing approach of trying to work through your entire diet, eliminating one common food at the time to see what you may be allergic to which is causing you to have gas instead of just giving you a Rolaids.

Similarly, with our people, we can attack our enemies, or we can focus on improving ourselves, or both. Has individualism and selfish greed been harmful to us? Sure. Our arguably instinctive, adaptive trait of altruism, as misapplied to outsiders, has it hurt us? Absolutely. Should we, once we’ve regained control over our destiny as a people, consider how we might reorient and rectify our collective racial character in order to avoid repeating the same errors again? You betcha. Reeducation, eugenics, whatever it takes, let’s make ourselves better.

Are those self-analytic approaches the most important priority, right now?

I don’t think so.

I don’t think a patient with terminal cancer necessarily needs a lecture on the harm done by smoking, as much as they do chemotherapy or surgical removal of the tumor in order to limit its metastasizing further. In my professional opinion, we need to free ourselves of the parasites infesting us, then we can worry about how we can make sure not to roll around wherever we picked them up at again. When the nonWhites are gone, we’ll have all of the time in the world to navel-gaze and self-actualize. My prescription?

Get on with the genocide, and call me in the morning.