This insinuative new article carried by Raw Story from Yes! magazine online rides off people’s fascination with the wealthy and their lifestyles, as well as the growing trend of Prepping, to push ecohyperbole and social justice warfare. The better point they could have made, though, is that when America goes down, the refugee hordes will swipe shop through gated communities like a hot knife through butter. Think of every zombie apocalypse movie, and that scene where the epidemic gets out of hand and the infected crowd surges out, in an unstoppable mass of (former) humanity? Yeah, that’s what happens when the EBT stops working, Mr. Zuckerberg.

Eventually your guards will figure out that their paychecks are worthless and they have the firepower to be warlords, or your walls will get breached, or you’ll get careless. Then, they’ll eat you. Cheers.