by Billy Roper

As we get older, we hopefully gain some wisdom and perspective. Ideally, we learn what is more important in life, and cherish those things the most. For me, much more than any material possessions, it is my wife and my stepson, and my family, and my friends who have stood beside me through thick and thin throughout the years. Some people have asked if The ShieldWall Network meeting coming up in central Arkansas on March 18th will also be a birthday party. Well, while it is true that it will be near my 45th birthday on April 11th, it’s not the case that the meeting is all about me. I won’t tell people to not wish me ‘happy birthday’, I’m not that old or grumpy, yet, but here is the link for my birthday list, which is more than sufficient, believe me. Besides, I’m diabetic and can’t really eat cake, so you’d just have to eat it all yourselves. ;->

If you’re in driving distance and want to give me a present? Be there.