by Billy Roper

As a National Socialist and a vocal proponent of the balkanization of multiracial democracy, I often wince at a Goebelian nexus of left and right against the bourgeouisie. I despise the plutocrats, whether Jewish or White liberal, as much as any anarchist may, but if you take away a White liberal’s money, they still have their genetics, to which I owe my primary loyalty. By way of contrast, I have NOTHING whatsoever in common with a nonWhite anarchist or a Jewish communist except for wanting the current system to fall. Do fleas and cats have common cause against the dog they both loathe, or are they as much enemies to one another as to the blood-sucking parasite?  To be fair, just as a former communist White, stripped of his crippling ideological interest, may be salvageable, so may a wealthy White, like a camel going through the eye of a needle.

That caveat given, I do find this article to be a well-written discussion of how the rich Whites have weaponized nonWhites against poor Whites using affirmative action, just as they did during Reconstruction. Just as they do by bringing in millions of nonWhite illegal immigrants as cheap labor instead of paying a living wage to White workers, or sending White jobs overseas to nonWhite sweatshops for slave labor. And, I freely admit that the coming civil war may be in many instances one in which wealthy Whites ally with Jews and our other enemies against the rest of their race, at least until their wealth becomes worthless or they themselves become powerless. Please read it with an open mind, if only to comprehend the breadth of forces arrayed against us.