from: The White Genocide Project.

In Africa, there are no “anti-racists” telling Africans they have no right to patrol their borders and kick out illegal immigrants.

The Liberian constitution states that only Black people can be citizens. Why aren’t “anti-racist” groups screaming at Liberia? Why is this not front page news? Because no one cares that there is a country only for Black people.

In Asia, there are no “anti-racists” telling Asians that mixed race people are genetically superior to separate races, and the whole world should all mix together (but only in Asia).

Many Asian countries, like Japan, have strong economies, low birth-rates, colonial histories, and almost no immigrants or refugees. So which countries are “anti-racists” trying to open to immigrants and refugees? Eastern Europe, of course! It’s full of White people.

This agenda is ONLY forced on White countries. The people who scream “diversity” and “progress” say that they are “anti-racist”.

But, according to their actions, the only countries in need of “diversity”, “progress”, and “anti-racism” are White; whether rich or poor, high birth-rate or low birth-rate, colonial history or no colonial history.

Some coincidence, huh?

That’s why anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.