Would you be willing to take up arms if the following conditions came to fruition?

  1. Interracial marriages became legalized. Oops. done.
  2. Public schools were forcibly racially integrated by the U.S. Armed Forces at bayonet point. Nope, missed that one.
  3. The government actively sought to recruit and hire nonWhites rather than Whites, and encouraged and incentivized private businesses to do the same. Too late.
  4. Business owners were told that they cannot refuse service to certain protected sexual orientations or self-identified racial groups. Already happened.
  5. Gay marriages are legalize and encouraged nation-wide, despite the expressed will of the people in every statewide referendum ever held on the issue. They did that.
  6. Anti-Whites riot and protest in the street. Oh, that’s today, isn’t it?


When they come to your door? Or would you be led away quietly, even then?

Are you just waiting for someone else to, first? Maybe everyone is. But others have, and still we did not follow their lead.

Okay, then, you tell me. If none of the above, under what conditions would you take up arms?

It’s only a rhetorical question, because we’re just discussing hypotheticals, aren’t we?

Well, aren’t we?