Like many Trump supporters, who choose to overlook the President’s exclusively Jewish in-laws and grandchildren, Chapman is an anti-racist. Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White.

Still, some members of the Alt Lite held up the gasmasked and American-flag shield bearing rice burner, with his stick and prepper spray, as a hero, sadly, calling him ‘AltKnight’, or ‘Based Stick Man’. Like the few Dual Seedline Christian Identity claimants who purport to believe that Jews are literally the seedline of Satan, but still cheer on Trump, whose entire family is given over to them, their cognitive dissonance is bewildering. But then, there’s Andrew Anglin’s racial treason advocacy, and Mike Enoch’s marriage to a Jewess, and Richard Spencer’s race-mixing, too. A lot of things get a pass, which shouldn’t. Remember Milo and Jack Donovan?

Now we have the details of further degeneracy, tied to the fundraising efforts for Chapman’s defense, from an enemy website.

“Pro-Rape defender and twitter gadfly (Jew) Mike Cernovich jumped into full grifter mode, raising at least $50K for Chapman’s legal defense fund. He also offered the service of scummy porn attorney Marc Randazza, who Cernovich knows from his involvement with Jeffery Epstein’s underage sex trafficking ring case. Randazza is defending Alan Dershowitz– who is accused of patronizing Epstein’s sex ring— on his blog.”

Chapman has been released without being charged. No word on any refund of the $70,000 raised for his legal defense. That will buy a rot of lice.

Standards, people. Let’s have some, shall we?