This is the beginning of a great discussion of the coming civil war and balkanization of America on the forum.

Both right wing and left wing want a divorce. Let’s call it ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Purple America Has All But Disappeared

Somehow I doubt the US is entirely alone in this… and it may not end well.

Everyone’s thinking it and I’m just saying it…

This could be the next Civil war. Or balkanization, if you want to hold out hopes for peace.

The possibility is increasingly likely, and the geographical lines are already drawn. Compromise is dead and honestly when it has been done it hasn’t worked. I think we’re heading at an accelerating pace towards some kind of violent climax to the past 50 years of American politics, and we have to accept the problem won’t go away with election cycles. The coasts and urban pockets make up a majority of the population and do not deserve to be held hostage to the whims of the regressive rural and suburban counties whose geographic spread lets them put the GOP into government, and honestly I’m tired of dragging them along in the same country having to fight tooth and nail just for basic human decency.

I dearly hope it doesn’t come to fighting and dying, but something has to give and hope stopped working years ago, if it ever did at all.