Every man’s dream is to be his wife’s hero. Today, I got a chance to be there for mine. I love you, baby doll.

Mrs. Roper


What do you do when you’re driving along and one of your passengers starts to choke? Do you panic, or do you keep your cool, pull over safely and assist your passenger?

Today, Billy Roper was tested in his ability to maintain his composure in a stressful situation.

We were in Batesville today for an appointment my son had, since it was going to be about an hour until we got home and we had been at the appointment for quite some time, we were hungry so Billy got a few corndogs and potato wedges for us to snack on. Well, yours truly was apparently so hungry she forgot how to chew and…. Yes, you guessed it, in the passenger seat of the vehicle in busy traffic, I choked on a potato wedge. (Not my smoothest moment in life) Billy calmly got us to the side of the road, made…

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