by Billy Roper

No, this article isn’t about a debased, hipster libertarian who is married to a wagon-burner and has three half skraeling papooses. It’s about the even more disgusting warming of some on the Alt Right towards the English-Canadian butt plug fan. After his latest trip to Israel, he said some less than complementary things about the Jews to virtue-signal to the Alt Right for shekels and attention. Sadly, he’s getting it.

The Impurity Spiral isn’t him, he’s already due for a silhouette against a wall. The Impurity Spiral is those who would, maybe, kinda, forgive him if he said something not nice about Jews. Come on. Really?

Let me be clear. We don’t need race traitors who advocate sport-banging Asian girls, or who are married to Jewesses, to make podcasts and talk on the internet.

We don’t need race traitors who are married to Asians and have mixed-race kids to swing sticks and make memes about. White men can swing sticks just fine, and fight our enemies, without celebrating homosexuals and race traitors and Jews.

In fact, regardless of their political leanings, it is homosexuals and race traitors and Jews whom we should be swinging sticks at.

Here’s a nice piece about Gavin giving a long, soulful kiss to homosexual pedophilia supporter and interracial Jew Milo, complete with pictures of the kiss. Totally Alt Right. 1488 all the way. Sure.

SMFH. People. You do not use any degenerate for your meme propaganda just because you can make it into anime, and win. You don’t do a dance every time any featherless biped halfway breaks from p.c.. You win by drawing a hard line, and letting people know that no, not everybody is going to be let in, some things you just don’t come back from, so don’t do them in the first place. Don’t race mix. Don’t be gay. Don’t be a Jew. It’s not so hard.

That’s how you establish standards and become something to aspire to, to strive to be worthy of, not a fashionable anti-establishment edgy pose anybody can LARP into after a literal lifetime of degeneracy. Be elite, be the best, be hard core.

The best will want to measure up, and the less than the best will want to be better.

That’s how you win.