Republicans are accepting what Liberals are currently pushing for, and which White Nationalists have been advocating for years. The coming breakup of the United States is now a certainty. All that remains to be determined is the details of when and how hard.

“But as I have opined here before, and pieces like this are sprouting up like dandelions in springtime – it is become self-evident we can no longer co-exist in the same nation as these people.  Either we are going to amicably split and balkanize the country among literal lines rather than just ideological ones – or there is going to be a bloodbath in the effort to achieve that.  I think that Obama’s attempt to create a parallel government alongside Trump’s is for this entire purpose.

We are no longer a people united in a common core.  This idiot’s rantings make that perfectly clear.  We are divided within the common cores that are no longer are compatible with the foundations of the country as it was established.

I’m all for these Blue state Socialists to separate and go their way, and take their big city Statism with them.

It will make any coming conflict much easier to wage, although I will find it amusing in the divorce proceedings about which colored states gets all the nukes and the military industrial complex they so loathe.  He touches on it briefly and suggests the military simply be drawn down to pre-WWI levels before they exit.  I of course say NOPE. 

The funniest thing about this whole essay this moron writes – is that Baker’s ideas are the equivalent of a bunch of North Korean Communists telling the South that they have the better idea that will make Korea Great Again.  If this idiot actually got his dream, in 25 years the east coast, the rust belt and the West Coast will be totally dark via satellite images, while the middle of flyover country radiates with the glow of lights and the humming machinations of liberty, industry and Capitalism creating individual wealth and prosperity.”