A report from Olivier Devalez, European ShieldWall Network Coordinator

February 27th, 2017 at 11:11 precisely, was the start of the Kölscher Rosenmontagszug, i.e. Cologne Carnival. Although it is supposed to be part of a Christian feast (as it ends with Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent), the fact it is celebrated in Cologne since 2,000 years makes it, like Mardi Gras, which takes place one day later, the remnants of an old pagan festival. For those of you who would like to see more about it, here’s a link to one of the most well-known local Karnavalsgesellschaft (carnival society), the Red Sparks, which were grounded in 1823 : www.rote-funken.de. You will see that it is a quite remotely Christian event. [Rote Funken]
I was here this year because my wife comes from North Rhine-Westphalia, the German Land of which Cologne is part, although Düsseldorf is the main town of it and has its own Rosenmontagszug. So, I could follow the two processions on my in-laws TV. Because of the recent terrorist attack in Berlin (during the Christmas Market), the German police took drastic measures to avoid such a thing in Cologne or Düsseldorf. Because, of course, there was no float to link the present Federal State-supported invasion of Germany by mostly Muslim young men. Last year, there was only one pretending that the anti-Islamist AFD was a puppet of ISIS [ISIS AFD]. Of course…
But this year, many important elections took or are going to take place in Western countries. Donald Trump was already elected in America, Gerd Wilders could do a good score this month in the Netherlands and Marine Le Pen and her Front National too for the President election in May and General elections in June. Over 70 years of brainwashing took their toll on the mind of the German masses when you see one of the floats in Düsseldorf [Blond ist das neue Braun] : Blond is the new Brown.
But Wilders and Le Pen were not elected before the 2017 Carnival while Trump was. As you can see with these two floats [Trump Köln], many Germans think Trump is defiling Freedom and that the only way for it to reign over America again would be to dispatch Trump the ISIS way. And nobody really minds. The maker of the floats was interviewed on WDR (the Western Germany TV channel) and he just said that he didn’t think he went too far. I wonder how he or they would have react with a float where Merkel would have taken the place of Trump and Europe the one of the Statue of Liberty, with the famous “Wir schaffen das” (We will manage that) on both floats ?
The point is Germany is still walking on the edge of the cliff because it’s rich and old. Rich, so the Federal government can pay the migrants to keep a low profile and offer them living conditions they couldn’t even dream of in their own shitty countries. Old, so for the Germans to be able to retire and have their pensions paid, they need the migrants to work as they don’t have enough children to fill the jobs. That other Europeans usually don’t want either. Migrants are happy to say they will, although they perfectly know they won’t, for sure. Firstly, because they’re for most of them too stupid to do so. And secondly, because after three years, they can obtain a special status and bring their families in Germany. Not to work, of course, but to take advantage of the local Welfare State.
The problem for both the Germans and the migrants is that this Welfare State won’t last as long as they hope to. So, for the Germans, no more cozy retirements inside their big houses with their big cars.And for the migrants, no money for their numerous family members, both in Germany and at home. Then will come the clash. But when ? Like in America, nobody really knows. That can be tomorrow or that can be in one, two or even ten years. It depends how long the State can print monkey money…