by Billy Roper

I was asked this morning on The Purity Spiral what I hope to accomplish through my participation in the ‘White Man’s March‘, being held this Saturday, 3/18/17, as a demonstration against White genocide. Here is my published reply:

“In previous years, the White Man’s March has gained media exposure, often after the fact, and resulted in positive face to face interactions with sympathetic Whites who long for someone to stand up publicly and represent our people’s interests in a bold and forthright manner. This encourages them, in turn, to think more freely and speak more openly about racial issues, creating a chain reaction of encouragement and emboldenment: a radicalization, if you will. All of us have seen that look of hope in someone’s eye when they start to make a politically incorrect comment and tentatively wait for our reaction, and we nod and smile and take it the next step further. This is like that, on a larger scale. Our people need to know that they’re not alone, and that not everyone who feels as they do is faceless and anonymous. The psychological benefits of them seeing that can’t be overemphasized, in my experience. When and if the media picks it up and reports it, regardless of their nuance, that effect is exponentially amplified. Plus, it’s FUN to stand with other racially conscious Whites, together, publicly and boldly, in common cause.”

We all know what that common cause is. We write about it and share it and like it and retweet it all the time. This day, March 18th, the White Man’s March, is an opportunity to put aside our keyboards and smart phones for a few hours and show that it’s something real to us, and not just a hobby, or a Live Action Role Playing game.

It only costs a few dollars for some posterboard and markers, and a few hours of your time to make nice, readable signs saying things like:

“Diversity = White Genocide”

“Anti-racist = Anti-White”

“Stop White Genocide”

Be creative, use your imaginations: you are Aryans, the knife’s edge of the human species, you all can think for yourselves and come up with clever sign messages, I’m sure.

Then, stand at a street corner with them visible, or walk up and down a stretch of sidewalk, so you won’t be impeding the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If you can print out a few flyers like these to hand out to people who ask you what it’s all about, even better. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, or dangerous, or a big ordeal. Best of all, after so much censorship and being pushed down and silenced, I promise you, it feels good, fam.

I know what I’m going to be doing this Saturday, March 18th. What about you?