by Billy Roper

When I first began to reconnect with my faith, I was traveling with Pastor Richard Butler, the leader of Aryan Nations, on the way to hold a demonstration outside the Southern Poverty Law Center Offices in Montgomery, Alabama. He and I had already traveled to Arizona and shared a podium at a gathering in the desert there, and I’d been invited by him up to Idaho to visit with him at his home and speak at an Aryan Nations Congress, so we were well acquainted by that time.

As we traveled together, one morning we stopped at a Denny’s for breakfast. Including our security retinues, there were about a dozen in our group. As each of us went through the buffet line and went back to our tables to eat, I sat beside Pastor Butler, as usual, and nearly caused two or three of the Christian Identists at the table with us to fall over into apoplectic fits. I had…wait for it…bacon on my plate! Heck, probably a sausage, too, I’m crazy that way. They acted like vampires suddenly exposed to a garlic disco ball.

Anyway, Pastor Butler went on to explain to them that the Old Testament dietary laws were suggestions, not dictates, and they had originally been enacted as health guidelines because people back then didn’t cook their pork thoroughly enough, for example, to kill the trichinosis. And, I went on to enjoy my breakfast.

There are a LOT of liars, backbiters, gossipers, and slanderers in the world who need to read Matthew 15:11.

It’s not what goes into a man’s mouth that makes him unclean, it’s what comes out of it that might.

Now, we know that the New Covenant was made with the same people as the Old Covenant; God’s people, our people. That Old Covenant was fulfilled with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, otherwise we’d still be chopping pigeons and bleeding out lambs on altars. Since then, we’re living in the era of the New Covenant. So, we don’t have to sling blood around tabernacles any more, and we get to have bacon mushroom cheeseburgers. Pretty cool, huh?

Another good reason to celebrate, this Easter, I think.