by Billy Roper

The recent coup attempt in Turkey, whether real or feigned, almost created an international dilemma when U.S. and German troops at the Incirlik Air Force base where, yes, we do have nuclear weapons, were placed under siege for a day and  a half. U.S. flights in and out were grounded while Erdogan, the President of the Muslim nation on the border of southeastern Europe, used the excuse to cleanse the nation’s military of secular, non-Islamist elements.

Now, Turkey is extorting Europe by threatening to turn loose millions more Muslim invaders both from their own sprawling urban cesspools and from neighboring balkanizing Syria. It must be a sucky culture when the worst kind of attack you can think of is to send your people over as ‘refugees’. Turkey may be trying to start a race war in Europe between nonWhite Muslims and Whites, or they may just be trying to queer the election in the Netherlands by threatening to open the floodgates, the very threat of which, along with the Turkey-sponsored protests in Holland, may help right-wing candidate Geert Wilders win.

Why would Turkey want a ‘right winger’ to win? Well, this article explains:

“The one person to greatly benefit from this fiasco is the far-right candidate Geert Wilders, but why would the Turks want to assist Wilders into office? The answer is simple – Wilders, like Donald Trump in the US, Marine LePen in France, Nigel Farage in the UK and others all across the right of European politics is an Israeli stooge. Turkey had long been a close ally of Israel therefore it suits both the Israeli and Turkish agendas to have their man in power in the Netherlands, a man who, like Trump, is a fake populist and would be a faithful and willing puppet. 

There is another benefit to the Israelis of this Turkish destabilisation of Europe – it strengthens the election campaigns of their other puppets, such as LePen in France and the AfD (Alternative for Deustchland) party in Germany.

What is the ultimate goal of this agenda – to control Europe via puppet leaders who answer to Israel and where de facto control of the criminal trades in drugs and people is in the hands of the Turks? To ignite race wars between increasingly radicalised and pissed-off indigenous white, ostensibly Christian Europeans and their Turkish, ostensibly Islamic invaders?”