“The biggest problem Americans face today is political balkanization”, CNN Fake News political analyst Ana Navarro told the Society for Human Resource Management Employment Law & Legislative Conference.

Pictured: CNN commentator and Daily Beast columnist (((Sally Kohn))), at left, talks with Robert Carr, SHRM senior vice president of membership and external affairs, and Ana Navarro, CNN political analyst. Photo by Vanessa Hill.

Yeah, you can imagine how that went. It was a chance by a Jew, a black, and a Hispanic to browbeat business leaders to use implicit affirmative action hiring standards, even when their company isn’t actively pushing an anti-White agenda, and to witch-hunt anyone who doesn’t sufficiently worship “diversity”.

Kohn, a shrill Jewess who famously promotes White genocide, went all out:

“In this era of populism, it’s on us … to continue to stand up for the ideas of diversity and human equity, and opportunity for all, and fairness and inclusion that so many of your human resources departments represent,” she said.

Now, guess what the article left out of those ellipses? She said that it was on us, “as people of color, as those who love differently, as those who are frightened by the hateful rhetoric”…    Nice, huh?

She went on to give them their marching orders: In the face of “absurdity and upheaval,” America’s greatest businesses remain committed to diversity and inclusion, not because of profit but because of principle, Kohn added. “If you see those ideals as essential to your company … promote them.”

Ellipses: “if you care about promoting multiculturalism and diversity within your company, and the values of people of color and those who love differently are your values”…

Promote them.

Since the people she was speaking to owe the very existence of their jobs to diversity quotas and harassment claims, I’m sure they ate it up. But they’re afraid. Why?

Because “the country is more polarized than ever before”.

You better believe it, Jew.