by Billy Roper

Today’s left-wing fishwrap Washington Post carries a story about how liberals are now pushing for the decentralization of the nation as ‘Murca balkanizes. More and more, blue states are wanting to go their own way.

“There’s an independence movement in California — the frustrated giant that provided Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote margin of 3 million in November. In a New Republic manifesto, Kevin Baker goes beyond “Calexit” to advocate a quasi-secessionist “Bluexit” for all 20 states that Clinton carried.

Dismayed by the Democrats’ loss of the federal government, gloomy at the prospect of more such defeats to come and — in Baker’s case — embittered by red states’ dependence on federal funds disproportionately supplied by blue-state taxpayers, some lefties have concluded that if you can’t lick ’em, leave ’em…

Part of what aggrieves both the left and the right about the status quo is complex cost-shifting between Washington and the states, which renders government at all levels less transparent. If you doubt it, read Baker’s scornful threat to withdraw blue-state taxpayers’ support for federal disaster-relief aid to the hurricane-prone Gulf states, as payback for voting for Trump.”

Charlie Lane, like a divorce lawyer counseling a trial separation, doesn’t understand that, yes, we really DO want to break up, we don’t just need some space for ourselves.

But at least he’s noticed that we’re not talking to each other anymore, except to yell and curse. Getting through the denial phase and to acceptance is a big move forward for lefties.It may take twelve steps to balkanization, but we’re on the path to recovery.