In the movie ‘The Ringer’, Johnny Knoxville pretends to be ‘special’ in order to compete and win in the Special Olympics.

In England, a man pretending to be a woman in order to compete in women’s races (and win) stabbed a race official who complained about the violation of the British concept of fair play. From The Guardian:

“A champion fell-runner has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for the attempted murder of a UK Athletics official at a stadium in Birmingham. Lauren Jeska, 42, from Machynlleth in Powys, pleaded guilty to trying to kill Ralph Knibbs, who is head of human resources and welfare at the sport’s British governing body as well as a former professional rugby player. In what was described as a “cold, calculated attack”, the transgender athlete stabbed Knibbs multiple times in the head and neck after a dispute over whether she should be able to compete in women’s races.”

That’s retarded, but not as silly as Planned Parenthood claiming that women aren’t the only ones who need access to abortion services, that transgenders do, too.

“Do you think only women need access to abortions and reproductive healthcare?

That’s the common assumption – and it shows up in so many conversations about reproductive rights.

But the truth is that there are transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people who need abortion access, too – and society’s assumptions about gender are making that really difficult.”

In other words, those who are biologically men but identify as women also need access to abortion services. So, do you know who funds Planned Parenthood? YOU DO. That’s right, your tax dollars at work.

In a recent year, for example, Planned Parenthood received over $540 MILLION dollars from your taxes, with which they killed 327,000 babies. Some years, both numbers are even higher. Apparently now they want to use your tax dollars to provide abortion services to men, too.

When liberal idiocy overtakes even the most absurd satire, it’s time to start putting people up against the wall, Loretta.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why a protected minority group member like a transgender thing was sentenced to eighteen years for the stabbing, well, the stabee was black. Competing minority interests, and all that.