by Billy Roper

We’re already receiving reports from some ladies affiliated with the Shield Maidens in England and Australia about their preparations for tomorrow’s (3/18/17) White Man’s March! They’re making handmade signs which say ‘Diversity=White Genocide’ for public display. For new people who are by themselves and concerned about taking a public stand, just doing that and e-mailing a selfie with your sign can be used for the project, as well, as would be appreciated!

If you’re able to print out flyers and pass them out to people from HERE, or stand outside in a publicly visible area for a while, that would be even more wonderful. The idea is just to help raise awareness of White genocide among our people, and to encourage them through our examples.

Following The ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas, some members and affiliates who wish to will be participating in a public demonstration of racial pride and loyalty there. We’ll be sharing our photos from that, as well.

So, get your markers and poster boards, make some signs, and take some time out of your weekend to stand up for our people! It’s up to ALL of us!