This writer explores from a survivalist’s perspective how the coming collapse of the credit market could lead to the economic failure of the United States, creating anarchy and sparking large-scale social and political violence.

“It will not take much else to make it reach a tipping point now.

A simple spark will set off this fuel fire, a simple bump in the interest rates for more then a few weeks will bring down our markets, proving once and for all that the people cannot repay even the interest on the debt these banksters say we owe.

A so-called bank holiday will be declared to stop the outflow of the failing money system. The state owned banks would confiscate funds from their depositors just as they did in Cyprus, to shore up their balance sheets.

People will panic nationwide, withdrawing money from the failing system, while creating riots; the nation will need to impose martial law to quell the rioters. Food stamps will not be enough to feed the nation, the store shelves will be bare within 3 days, and all commerce will cease. The nation will struggle under the weight of it, this will set off race riots, as throngs of disgruntled people will meet in the streets mobs will camp out in front of government buildings…”